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From the Pet Sitter Plus Clients page, you can list clients alphabetically or by searching against key fields in the client record.

Filters are also available so that you can choose to list only clients who match certain criteria, such as all clients in a specific area. You can also combine filters and searches so that your list includes, for example, only clients in an area whose surname begins with "W" or where one of the key fields matches your search string.

Once you have narrowed down your list of clients using searches and filters you can – if you are using the Custom SMTP Email feature – email clients from your list in bulk. So, for example, you could send an email to all clients for whom "James Smith" is the primary sitter to warn them of his upcoming holiday dates and arrangements in place to cover for this period.



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Finding a Client Alphabetically >

How to search for clients alphabetically and display as a list.


Finding a Client Using Search >

Use the Search panel to input your search criteria to find clients using names, email and pet names.


Finding a Client Using Filters >

You can narrow your search down further by applying filters to match your criteria, eg. where the clients live.


Finding an Inactive Client >

Explains how to display both active and inactive clients in your alphabetical list or by using filters to search.


View All Clients >

How to view the full list of all your active clients.



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