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There are many tasks associated with the management of your client records that can be completed here:

  • Adding new clients into the system by creating new client records

  • Maintaining your client records

  • Communicating with your clients by email as a group or individually

  • Sending out links to the client portal for existing clients and for new contacts

  • When clients no longer use your services you can delete them or make them inactive



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Adding a New Client >

How to add a new client to Pet Sitter Plus.


Exporting your Client List >

Export your clients in a number of different formats so you can import them into other software for printing labels etc.


Making a Client Inactive >

You can change the status of clients to Inactive when you no longer provide services to them.


Deleting a Client >

If you have not provided any services to a client, you are able to delete them completely from Pet Sitter Plus.


How do Existing Clients Login for the First Time? >

When you want to give a client access to the Client Portal, you need to send them their login details so they can access their account and book online.


Online Registration for New Clients >

If you prefer to offer online registration to new clients so they can enter details about themselves and their pets, this explains how to add a link to your website or an email.


Emailing All or Selected Clients >

If you have set up Custom SMTP, you can bulk email all or some of your clients from the Client Search screen, and specify your list using the Filters option.


Emailing a Single Client >

Sending an individual client an email is simple using the Email tab option under CLIENTS.


Print a Client Summary >

You can print out a complete summary of your client and pet details.


How Can I Move from One Client Record to Another? >

You may need to page through your client records one at a time. See how to move back and forth between client records.



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